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Summer Blog Series Recap

This summer we had a weekly series of conversations with staff members of the Fellowship Deaconry. Thank you for following our interviews! In case you missed any, follow the links below to read and get to know some of our staff who make Fellowship Deaconry Ministries what it is today. We will be resuming this series again for a Winter 2017 Blog Series after Thanksgiving.

  • Emma - Camp Counselor from Australia
  • Chiara - Deaconry Volunteer from Germany
  • Renee - Director of Sunshine Preschool
  • Matt - Hospitality Manager and Ropes Course Manager
  • Sister Ruth - Passionate Gardener and Evangelist
  • Shanti  - Conference Center Manager
  • Sister Maria - Housemother of the Sisters
  • Paul - Food Services Manager


A Conversation With Emma
Vision Bits #1

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