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How Do You Vote?

Our country recently had elections. Pundits make much of the outcomes: The question is whether the way people voted reflects what is in their hearts and minds. 

In Matthew 12:34 Jesus said, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”  That which is in someone’s heart will manifest in words and actions. People “vote” every day: Where people put time and money is the most powerful “vote” they have.

Some people vote to honor the past and preserve a rich heritage, others to support the present to acknowledge what a ministry is doing, and others for the future to equip a ministry to accomplish that to which they have been called. Fellowship Deaconry Ministries (FDM), I think, could receive your  “vote” in any, or all, of those ways.

In Matthew 13:52 Jesus said, “Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old.” As FDM steps into the future we do not jettison our heritage. Our heritage (which began here in 1933, eighty-five years ago next June) helps shape and enrich the future of this ministry.

In the present, Day Camp Sunshine, Sunshine Preschool and Fellowship Conference Center are all running more efficiently: We do need your help to support the Sisters and address the many repairs and upgrades that are needed, but we have embraced necessary changes in our operating credo. With your continued support, the Deaconry is on a positive heading financially and spiritually

What about the future?

I am genuinely excited by what God is speaking into us. The enthusiastic responses we received about “Family Praise Fest” have been beyond encouraging. The Ball Brothers concert was truly exciting. People have said, “Why aren’t you doing MORE here?” Praise God!  

We believe we are entering a time for the Deaconry to open doors for outreach into the youth community. (How many of us have been waiting for the words “Deaconry” and “youth community” to be spoken in the same sentence?) We are scheduling concerts and events for evangelism, discipleship and mentoring: remember, the ministry begun by the Sisters in 1933 was outreach to young women. 

We ask you to “vote” for us with your support: It’s not the past over the future, it is to equip us to move forward into new manifestations of the call, while honoring the heritage, and continuing with the important daily work the Lord has set before us. How exciting!

Surely FDM will “…bring out of [our] treasure things new and old”! Pray for us for discernment, anointing and protection in the spirit. Pray that the Lord cleanse us, that we may see Him. Pray for those the Lord will meet and bless through this ministry, and our new outreach. 

We need your “vote”. 

- Rev. Joel Davis, Executive Director 



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